Separate yard material recycling collection to end for the winter
Wednesday, 05 December 2012 09:49
    The final separate yard material recycling day for Baltimore County residents with “Y” days on their collection schedules will occur no later than Friday, Dec. 14.
    For residents with a “Y” collection date of Dec. 14, yard materials will be collected with trash after this date. If the last “Y” day occurs before December 14 on a particular schedule, yard materials acquired after that “Y” day can be placed out with trash.
    Residents with separate yard materials collection should reference their particular collection schedule to determine the specific date of their last “Y” day.
    Residents can obtain trash and recycling collection schedules by visiting, or by calling 410-887-2000.
    Separate yard materials collection will resume in April 2013 for residents with a “Y” on their trash and recycling schedule.