County police offer holiday crime prevention tips
Wednesday, 12 December 2012 09:58
    Baltimore County Police Chief Jim Johnson warns  residents that, although it is the holiday season, crime does not take a vacation.
    According to Johnson, shoppers who are “careless or unaware” of their surroundings may be easy targets for purse thieves and robbers.
    In order to keep safe this holiday season, police have a few tips for citizens to follow.
    While shopping, always walk and park in well-lit areas.
    While walking, do not talk on a cell phone or unlock your car door until you are within door-opening distance.
    In addition do not flash valuables or large amounts of cash, as they may provide a target for thieves.
    When leaving a vehicle, make sure that all locks are secured and no valuables or packages are in open view in the car.
    According to police, women carrying pocketbooks may also make easy targets for robbers this season.
    Women with purses are encouraged to keep their purse close to their body and to use check cards or checks to avoid carrying large amounts of cash.
    Even homes can be a target for criminals during the holidays. Always lock all doors and windows before leaving the house, even if it is only a short errand.
    By taking some common-sense precautions, residents can lessen the chance that they will become a victim of crime this holiday season.