ESP karate students advance in rank; instructor earns certification
Wednesday, 24 April 2013 10:10

Six ESP karate program students completed their requirements for Tae Kwon Do testing on March 28.  Pictured (below, from left) are head instructor John McConnell, orange belt Daniel Dzwonczyk, green belt Arnie Arnesen, orange belt Lilianna Scott, assistant instructor Kyle McConnell, instructor Andy Banting, green belt Joseph Hoskins, assistant instructors Jennifer Metzler and Allison McConnell, advanced white belt Kaylee Cygan, assistant instructor Debbie Smith and green belt Karl Arnesen. These young men and women did forms, self-defense, kicking, striking, nunchuckas demonstrations and board breaking to advance in rank. In addition, head instructor John McConnell (pictured, right) was certified by Self Defense Company, an international organization of instructors dedicated to teaching authentic self-defense and close combat tactics. He trained for more than a year preparing for the certification test, which included threat identification and escape and evasion techniques. He has taught martial arts for more than 30 years.