125th anniversary of Turner Station celebrated
Wednesday, 01 May 2013 10:14

The 125th anniversary of the founding of Turner Station was celebrated with a luncheon at the Sollers Point Multi-Purpose Center in February. Current and past residents (above) gathered for prayer, music and oratory. Eugene Leaks (below) performed for the assembly. The growth of the steel industry at Sparrows Point gave rise to Turner Station in 1888, the year the Baltimore and Sparrows Point Railroad purchased land from Joshua Turner for a station to transport steel workers. Anthony Thomas, known as the father of Turner Station, opened the first grocery store and real estate office in the community. He was also co-founder of Tuxedo Savings and Loan, which helped many black residents build their homes. During World War II, the population of Turner Station exploded when the demand for steel workers drew black migrants from Virginia and North and South Carolina. The Turner Station History Center in the Sollers Point Multi-Purpose Center was recently established to preserve, remember and celebrate the history of the community.