Government offers tips for preventing residential arson
Wednesday, 08 May 2013 10:05
    Residential Arson Awareness Week is being marked through May 11.
    Arson kills about 300 people annually and is directly responsible for $500 million in property damage per year.
    The U.S. Fire Administration and the Federal Emergency Management Administration offer the following precautions that homeowners can take to reduce the risk and lessen the impact of arson:
    • Install smoke alarms and sprinkler systems, as well as bright, shadow-free lights around the perimeter of a home.
    • When leaving interior lights on, use timers to turn them off and on.
    • Trim trees and bushes to allow others to see your home from the street.
    • Arsonists are opportunists; lock all doors and windows.
    • Keep your property free of trash, garden cuttings and household cleaning supplies.
    • Ensure the property of vacant homes and businesses is kept clean and that utilities are turned off.
    • A neighborhood watch group and frequent communication with police and fire officials will discourage arsonists from targeting your neighborhood.