By The People

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Letters for By the People must include the writer┬╣s name, address and phone number (only the name and the street, not the house number and phone number, will appear online and in print).
They will be edited for clarity and length. Those shorter than 250 words are preferred.We cannot print every letter we receive, and will not print anonymous letters.
Letters are the opinions of their authors and not necessarily the opinions of Kimbel Publication Inc.
Mail letters to Dundalk Eagle P.O. Box 8936, Dundalk, MD 21222, fax them to 410-288-6963 or send them using the form below.


Letters by people who live in Dundalk-Edgemere can be on any topic. Nonresidents and former residents should write about a particularly local topic or respond to something they read in The Eagle. No one gets a letter printed more than once every four weeks, except in some cases to allow a response to a previously published letter.