Thursday, 25 October 2012 09:31

Ghouls! Ghosts! Goblins! Dundalkians decking out their homes for Halloween

With All Hallow’s Eve nearly upon us, Dundalkians have brought out the supernatural and scary in suitably spooky fashion. The Eagle’s Roland Dorsey has assembled a collection of some of the best of Dundalk’s homemade hauntings, including the spectral figure looming over Dunglow Road shown above.

A trip to the Pastime Perfections salon on Holabird Avenue means getting a fright from a stylishly sinister sentry  as Dundalk’s own 2012 Baltimore County Woman of the Year Irene Spatafore (bottom left) found out during a hair-raising recent visit.


“Enter at your own risk” warns the banner above the haunted estate of a home in the 300 block of Liberty Parkway.

Beloved icons Mr. Potato Head and the Pez dispenser get a fanged and fearsome incarnation in the 7500 block of North Point Road.


A headless postman (left) and a giant spider (right) are among the frights greeting visitors to the 1900 block of Holborn Road.

At right, a severed head and a creepy ghoul atop a tombstone inspire fear and loathing in the 3100 block of Dunglow Road.

Intrepid trick-or-treaters in the 1700 block of Searles Road will have to brave a treacherous trip through an ominous graveyard (top) before hoping for some sweets from the hauntingly beautiful lady of the house (bottom).

photos by Roland Dorsey