Twenty-eight-year-old woman finally meets her Dundalk dad
Wednesday, 10 April 2013 12:09

Heather Horne got to meet her father Robert Davis for the first time last weekend.
photos by Heather Horne

Facebook post helps her find long-lost father 

by Ben Boehl

    There are plenty of stories of parents looking for a long-lost child or the children trying to meet the parents they never knew. Former Middle River resident Heather Horne, looking for her father, was just one more.
    The twenty-eight-year-old did not know who her father was until her mother revealed his name about four years ago. Then Horne began looking.
    She knew her father’s name was Robert Davis and that he lived in Dundalk 28 years ago, but that was it. She went through the typical Internet searches and even tried professionals.            “I tried private investigators, but they didn’t have any information,” Horne said.
    She was ready to give up, but saw other people posting photos of themselves holding messages on Facebook, so gave it one last try. Her sign told readers about her background and showed her father’s name and photo.
    She asked anyone with information about him to contact her. She was not expecting much.
    After four years of searching by so many other means, she found him through that post — within a day.
    “It was pretty surreal. My heart just sank. It wasn’t even 24 hours and I found him after trying all those other avenues. That was my last-ditch effort, ” Horne explained.         “The picture was shared 150 times and his niece wrote to me that she knew my dad,” Horne recalled.
    Horne was nervous, not knowing if her new-found father would want to be bothered, but Davis was excited when he found out he had a daughter. He does not have any other children.
    “This is my dad. He welcomed me with open arms,” Horne added.
    Davis explained that his niece told his sister about the photo and his sister told him about Horne. Davis was happy and asked his sister to give him Horne’s contact information.
    “Why wouldn’t I be interested in meeting my own daughter or son?” Davis asked as he talked to his daughter for the first time on the phone — a conversation that lasted for hours.
    Davis had a relationship with Horne’s mother and was told that he might have been the father of her child, but was later told he was not the father.
    “I thought about it over the years and thought it could be a possibility. She looks just like me,” Davis said with excitement.
    Davis is now 52 and lives in Charlesmont. Horne lives in Delaware and came to Dundalk over the weekend to meet with her father and his (and now her) family for the first time.
    “She came over on Saturday and Sunday. Everybody liked her,” Davis said. “I wish I could have met her sooner.”
    Horne agrees and admitted she is a little upset that it took 28 years for the two to meet. But she says she is happy that they have not missed too many life events, as she is not married and does not have any children yet.
    “It is crazy. I can’t believe it. We were thinking and I told him he hasn’t really missed anything,” Horne said.
    “I’m not married, and I told him he can still walk me down the aisle.”