Dundalk Avenue bus stop temporarily discontinued
Wednesday, 26 February 2014 13:16

The discontinued bus stop is located on Dundalk Avenue across from the Royal Farms store and Genesis Grocery/Tienda Latina.

MTA soliciting comments on removing stop

by Nicole Rodman

    The Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) has temporarily discontinued the northbound bus stop at Dundalk Avenue and North Center Place.
    The stop, located directly across Dundalk Avenue from the Royal Farms store, serves bus routes 10 and 20.
    According to Paul Shepard, MTA deputy chief public information officer, the stop was suspended beginning on Feb. 10 due to complaints from local citizens.
    “The bus stop at Dundalk Avenue and North Center Place was temporarily discontinued by MTA in response to requests from community members and business owners and other local stakeholders who expressed concern about alleged criminal activity occurring in the vicinity of the stop,” Shepard noted in a statement to The Eagle.
    “MTA is monitoring the effects of this temporary measure for a period of 30 days and will re-evaluate the stop in light of the effects on ridership and public safety in the area.”
    MTA is currently soliciting public comment on whether or not to permanently remove the stop.
    Concerned citizens can express their opinions by calling 410-454-7107.
    Comments will be considered until Monday, March 10.
    In the meantime, passengers can board buses along northbound Dundalk Avenue at Center Place (near the Dundalk Post Office) and at Bayship Road (across from Delcoline Auto Parts).