DRC aims to “rebrand” Dundalk community
Wednesday, 11 June 2014 13:30

“Unexpected Dundalk” is a campaign by the DRC to promote Dundalk as a sustainable and beautiful community

Grants of $5,000 available for 30 homebuyers

by Ben Boehl

The Dundalk Renaissance Corp. (DRC) announced last week that is looking to “rebrand” Dundalk and recruit new residents into the area.
    The DRC is kicking off its “Unexpected Dundalk” campaign, aimed at promoting Dundalk as a sustainable and beautiful community that provides both affordable living and accessibility.
    “We are excited to begin this new phase of our efforts to attract Dundalk’s next generation, and grateful to our many partners and funders for their engagement and support.  Come check us out; we bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised,” said Amy Menzer, executive director of the DRC.
    The “Unexpected Dundalk” campaign includes a brand new website with a new logo.
    The DRC will also be debuting a Dundalk Housing Fair on Sept. 27, an event at which 30 home buyers will have a chance to win $5,000 “Golden Key” grants and a “work where you live” incentive from local businesses.
    Guest will have the opportunity to speak one-on-one with real estate agents, mortgage lenders, housing specialists and renovation experts.
    The event will also provide visitors the chance to discover Dundalk’s neighborhoods and tour for sale homes on four narrated bus tours.
    Part of the DRC pitch is that the cost of living in Dundalk is more than three percent lower than the national average. The local median home cost is under $120,000 in a community that offers parks and waterfront living, as well as wide choices for retail, dining and family activities.
    Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz said he is excited for this community opportunity.
    “Dundalk is a proud community, one filled with great pride and patriotism,” Kamenetz said in a statement.
    “Baltimore County recognizes that strength and is honored to partner with the state and the Dundalk Renaissance Corporation to kick-off a new home ownership initiative and campaign that will highlight Dundalk’s importance in the region.”
    The website profiles all 24 subdivisions in Dundalk with lists of housing choices, neighborhood and civic organizations, faith-based organizations, schools, recreation councils and the history of each community.
    Not everyone, however, is impressed with the new program.   
    Dundalk resident and Republican candidate for the House of Delegates Mitchell Toland, Jr. said it is not fair to give away taxpayer money while  residents struggle to pay their mortgages.
    “The reputation Dundalk has is, in large part, due to policies that our elected officials have put into place. We don’t need to give away $5,000 in county funds to entice people to buy homes here,” Toland wrote on his campaign website.