Battle Acre Park pedestrian gates still missing a month later
Wednesday, 30 July 2014 13:11

Despite the missing pedestrian gates, crews are still working on the renovations to Battle Acre Park. photo by Ben Boehl 

Collier offering reward of $500

 by Ben Boehl

    It has been over a month, and the gates at Battle Acre Park are still missing.
    Baltimore County police report that the theft of the historic wrought-iron pedestrian gates at the War of 1812 historical site on North Point Road happened between June 25 and June 30.
    There have been rumors that Baltimore County police have a vehicle of interest, but police spokeswoman Julia Hargrove said there was nothing new to report.
    “I checked with the detective handling this case and there are no updates at this time,” Hardgrove told The Eagle on Monday.
    John Long and his Clean Bread and Cheese Creek group have been leading the search for the 100-year-old gates. Long brought the matter to the public’s attention at the Dundalk 4th of July Parade with his groups’ float, and a picture of the gates was placed at the Battle Acre site. 
    Dundalk TV’s Scott Collier has also joined the search and is offering a reward of $500 for information that leads to the return of the gates.
    “As a member of the Dundalk-Patapsco Neck Historical Society for five years, I wanted to do this for the community,” Collier said about his reward.
    “One of my first memories was driving by Todd’s Inheritance, so I care about our history.”
    Collier said he is still holding out hope, even though the gates have been reported missing for the past month.
    “I was keeping hope, but you never know,” Collier added. “I thought maybe some young adults or teenagers might have took the gates into the woods or nearby, and I was hoping to spark some interest [by offering the award].”