Staab: Still waiting to hear from Vanguard
Wednesday, 06 August 2014 14:05

Former Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks Director Bob Staab says that Vanguard’s Len Weinberg has not met with the community since April.file photo

 by Ben Boehl

    The sale and development of the North Point Government Center site has been the center of controversy since Baltimore County put the property on the market in December 2012.
    Former state legislator and Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks Director Bob Staab said he wants answers about the future of the North Point Government Center site.
    Vanguard Commercial Development Inc. was selected by Baltimore County to develop the site and held a post-submission community meeting on April 10.
    Staab and other members of the Dundalk United opposition group attended that meeting to express their concerns with Vanguard’s proposed plan.
    Some of the group’s requests included canceling the planned amphitheater and  preserving as much park land as possible. Staab also questioned Vanguard’s ability to map out the adjacent Grange Elementary School fields, which are not part of the Government Center property.
    Staab said that Vanguard co-founder Len Weinberg promised to sit down with the community and seek local input, but added that he has not heard from Weinberg  in almost four months.
    With the Baltimore County Council passing a resolution on July 7 that still includes items such as the amphitheater, Staab said he wants to know when the community will have its voice heard.
    “We have been promised a series of workshops. We haven’t seen or heard anything,” Staab said. “They have not worked with the community.”
    Weinberg responded that he has been working with the county, designers and architects to revise plans for the project based on the feedback from the April meeting. The developer added that the  new plan will be shared with the community within the next few weeks.
    “We recognize this property represents many great traditions and memories, and our goal is to help create a place that preserves this history while inspiring new memories for generations to come,” Weinberg said in a statement.
    “We’re also pleased to have tremendous interest in the project from a number of premier national restaurants and service providers.”   
    County Councilman John Olszewski Sr. told The Eagle last Friday that the first of multiple community input meetings has not yet been announced by the county but that the community will be informed of the meetings when that information becomes available.
    “The process is still playing out. The community will have an opportunity to give their input,” Olszewski said.
    Staab said the community is still waiting. “We had difficulty getting information out of the county,” Staab said.