Salling finally files June report, then removes campaign treasure
Wednesday, 13 August 2014 13:09

 by Ben Boehl

    After sanctions from state election authorities and some public embarrassment, Republican state Senate candidate Johnny Ray Salling says that his legally-required campaign finance reports have been officially filed.
    Salling was the target of criticism from Democrats when records showed that he had not filed the report due on June 13 and was fined $250.
    “I believe that it is important to have these campaign finance disclosure reports filed in a timely manner, and make it a top priority for my team to do just that,” said Del. John Olszewski Jr, Salling’s Democratic opponent.
    Salling said in July that campaign treasurer Mary Ellen Berger did not file the paperwork on time. He explained that Berger has sick parents in Virginia and was helping them when the reports were due.
    Salling said he fixed the situation by sending  the paperwork in mid-July, but a check of state election board records last week showed that the June paperwork was still not filed.
    Salling informed The Eagle that he called the State Board of Elections to determine the nature of the problem, and said that the information was in the process of being sent, but that Berger had made an error.
    “The last step was not completed by my financial secretary,” Salling explained.
    Berger took the blame for the mistake.
    “I just want to apologize. There was some check marks that were not supposed to be checked off,” Berger told The Eagle. “It was my fault, and I apologize.”
    The report showed that Salling signed an Affidavit of Limited Contributions and Expenditures, where he agreed not to receive contributions or make expenditures in the cumulative amount of $1,000 or more.
    Salling added that he will replace Berger as campaign treasurer.
    “I’m in the process of getting a new financial secretary,” Salling concluded.