Once again we ask, who dumped this boat?
Wednesday, 08 August 2012 11:40

    The outrage of January has been repeated.
    Six months ago, someone abandoned — or, more accurately, dumped — a boat in a clearing along Stansbury Road. We now find that the insult has been compounded; that boat remains where it was six months ago, and it has now been joined by another dumped boat.

    Worse still, the boats themselves are now being turned into trash receptacles, likely contributing to increased rat activity described by nearby residents.
    The situation is particularly galling when compared to the effort taking place across the street at The Owl Corporation, where the company has taken the trouble to invest in landscaping (bottom photos), hoping to improve its own image and that of the surrounding community. The company is offering a $250 reward for information leading to those responsible.   

As we did with the single boat in January, we are publishing the state registration numbers of both boats. The holdover is MD 2161 AB. The unwelcome new arrival is MD 1418 AU.
    And as we did in January, we invite the responsible party, or parties, to step forward.

photos by Brenda Keller