At long last, West Inverness gets its speed humps
Wednesday, 15 August 2012 08:45

Six new humps installed on Kavanagh Road

 by Ben Boehl

    Neighbors in the West Inverness area are relieved and happy that speed humps have finally been installed on Kavanagh Road from Barry Road to Penhall Road.
    Without the help of a community association, Kavanagh Road residents Robert Compton and Kathy Hockenbrock organized a petition drive to get speed humps in front of Sandy Plains Elementary School.
    The petition group said too many cars were speeding down the road as the school was letting out students.

 “This area is congested and the cars fly down this road,” Hockenbrock told The Eagle in May. “We want to prevent this before a child gets killed.”
    Compton and Hockenbrock called back to The Eagle a week later to report that the county agreed to install a speed hump near the school.
    Last week, Compton called back to report that the county had installed six speed humps on his street. Five of the humps are brick-topped, while a raised crosswalk was installed by the school. The humps do not extend all the way to the curb, in order to allow for parking.
    A county spokesman pegged the cost of the project at $50,000.
    Compton gave as an example the fact that scooters are no longer able to sprint down the road and must stop for the speed humps.
    “They are slowing down now. It’s a big difference,” Compton explained.
    The county said in a press release that Kavanagh Road qualified for traffic calming measures and county traffic engineers drafted plans for the speed humps. The goal was to get the speed humps in place before the first day of school on Aug. 27.
    Compton added that he would like to see a crossing guard by Inverton Road, but is happy about the speed humps for now.
    “It was over-needed, but we got it. We would like to thank the county,” Compton said.