One year to go for new school campus
Wednesday, 29 August 2012 08:45

Start the countdown: the new Dundalk High and Sollers Point Technical high schools are scheduled to open one year from now in August 2013. Once the new facility opens, the current Dundalk High will be demolished to make way for another parking lot and — Possibly? Hopefully? If Baltimore County knows what is good for it? — an athletic stadium. This group of photos marks the state of the construction with one year to go ( from top): the entrance to the new Dundalk High School, facing Delvale Avenue; the main entrance to Sollers Point Technical, facing CCBC Dundalk; the stairwells are now enclosed; stairs in place leading from Delvale Avenue and waiting to be connected to another walkway; the south end of Sollers Point Technical, viewed from its parking lot; a new sidewalk leads to the south end of Dundalk High, left, and Sollers Point Technical on the right; looking at Dundalk High facing south on Delvale Avenue and noting some landscaping work is undoubtably on the schedule. photos by  Bill Gates