New Dundalk Avenue mural is almost finished
Wednesday, 05 September 2012 12:17

New painter a few weeks from completing work

by Ben Boehl

    If you have been driving on Dundalk Avenue in Old Dundalk you might have noticed the new mural being painted along the Turk’s Cleaners wall. It looks nearly completed but muralist Edward Williams said he is around 70 percent finished with his project.
    “It has many historical markers from Dundalk,” Williams said.
    Some of those markers include the Port of Baltimore, The Independence  Day parade, the Heritage Park gazebo, the Key Bridge and the local waterways.

    Williams said he’s still going to add a marching band and soldiers from the War of 1812.
    Leah Bunck said her group at the Dundalk Renaissance Corp. came up with ideas on the design of the mural and the theme was to focus on the past and present of Dundalk.
    “We want it to say this is ‘my town.’ That provides a lot of pride in Dundalk,” she said.
    Bunck added that the DRC wanted the landmarks to be huge so they could be seen along Dundalk Avenue.
    “We wanted it to get big so people can see things like the gazebo as they are driving by,” Bunck explained.
    The mural is scheduled to be completed within the next few weeks. Williams was brought in to replace the original mural that showed signs of peeling after only 18 months. Williams was not the artist for the first mural and he wants to remind everyone of that.
    “I keep hearing ‘is this one going to last’ and I have to keep reminding them that I didn’t do it wrong the last time,” Williams said, but he has acknowledged that at least once an hour someone drives by praising his work.
    Williams started the work the first week of August and said he hasn’t had too much trouble with the weather, because there hasn’t been much rain, but has to work around the heat. He gets a lot of his work done in the early afternoon, but finishes up mid-afternoon.
    “It’s usually a race to sometime around 4 p.m. when the shadows disappear,” Williams explained.
    The muralist has received some help as Dundalk resident Scott Collier helped Williams with the project.
    Collier suffered a tramatic brain injury and said helping out with a project helps with his rehabilitation.
    “I’m trying to pull my life back together and Edward is giving me the chance,” Collier said.