Rhonda Crisp steps down as Dun-Logan council president
Wednesday, 12 September 2012 11:36

Precinct 12’s Fluck named as successor

by Ben Boehl

    Rhonda Crisp has stepped down as the president of the Dun-Logan Community Council. Crisp, who has worn many hats in the Dundalk community — including president of the Dundalk Renaissance Corp. — decided not to seek reelection as the Dun-Logan group’s leader, and her last meeting as president was Thursday, Sept. 6.
    “I’m not rerunning for office.” Crisp told a disappointed crowd at the meeting. “I enjoyed my time, but it’s time for fresh blood.”
    Bryan Sheppard, a representative of Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, presented Crisp with a citation from the county.
    “Rhonda was one of the first people I called (when he was appointed to his position) to get a feel for the who, what, when and where of Dundalk,”  Sheppard said.

Crisp got tearful at times as she thanked community members for their dedication and commitment to the community.
    “I’ve been lucky to know the people that have help me at Dun-Logan,” Crisp said. “There is no way I can say thank you enough for all you have done.”
    Crisp will be replaced by Ofc. Warren Fluck of North Point Police Precinct 12 as the group’s new president. Fluck has been the police resource officer for Dun-Logan and other community associations.
    While Fluck’s dual roles might appear to present a possible conflict of interest, Crisp said she spoke with Precinct 12 commander Capt. Jan Brown, who said that Fluck is permitted to serve as president.
    “Warren will be our new president, but he will no longer but our resource officer,” Crisp explained. “Before we had our nomination, I contacted Capt. Brown and he did his research.”
    According to Fluck, he will still be allowed to be resource officer and president.
    “I can still come and here and report back to the precinct, but I don’t get paid for it,” Fluck said.