Titus pins hopes on write-in candidacy
Wednesday, 17 October 2012 11:04

Says he is after “the 60 percent who don’t vote

by Ben Boehl

    Most political experts might say that Ed Titus has no chance of becoming Maryland’s next U.S. Senator, but that is not stopping him. Titus is an official candidate for the senate, but his name is not on the ballot as he is only a write-in candidate.
    Being a write-in candidate against the likes of challengers Libertarian Dean Ahmad, independent Rob Sobhani, Republican Dan Bongino and incumbent Democratic Ben Cardin doesn’t appear to be a recipe for success, but Titus believes he can beat the odds.
    “People ask me ‘do you think you have a chance of winning?’ and I say ‘yeah’. It’s because of the platform,” Titus explained. “Only 40 percent of Marylanders actually vote. That means that there is 60 percent of people who don’t vote. If I can reach those people, they will say ‘hey my vote is going to count.’”

Titus is from Worcester County and lives in Whaleyville, which is halfway between Salisbury and Ocean City. If elected, Titus wants to poll every voter in Maryland before he votes on any legislation. Titus said technology has improved and believes that a polling system can be used to poll voters on every issue without the threat of being sabotaged by hackers.
    “This is what I’m promising. The will of the people. They get to vote to regulate action.”
    Titus claims he has support from younger voters and believes he can get them to the polls to vote for him. Even though his name is not on the ballot, Titus hopes voters will remember and write in his name for U.S. Senate.
    “My name is easy spell. And I talked to the Board of Elections and all they (the voters) have to do is write the first ‘Ed’ and it will be a vote for me,” Titus explained. “I think I can pull a real sleeper and if I don’t then I’ll be able to run against Barbara Mikulski in four years.”