Willow Spring Road apartments change hands
Wednesday, 17 October 2012 11:07

New owner for Keyway Apartments

by Nicole Rodman

    In recent years, the Keyway Apartments, at 123 Willow Spring Road and 113 and 122 Kinship Road, have been the site of some controversy as residents and neighbors bemoan what they see as a property in disarray.
    In a letter published in The Eagle’s “By the People” section last September, Center Place resident Susanne Carlile wrote that “the Keyway Apartments on Willow Spring Road are slums. Trash is thrown all around and it is falling out of dumpsters.”   
    Reviews posted on www.apartmentratings.com refer to the complex’s issues with maintenance, trash disposal and bug infestation.
    While some have noted that then-owner Progressive Properties made efforts to curtail illegal dumping and other problems, issues remained.
    Now, the Keyway Apartments property will get a new lease on life as it gets a new owner.
    On Oct. 5, real estate broker Colliers International in Baltimore announced the sale of the property to New York-based Keyway Management, LLC, for $2.5 million.

According to Colliers communications representative Andrew Aldrich, the new owners will renovate the property.
    Currently, Keyway Apartments consists of 64 one-bedroom apartments in three two-story buildings.
    Though based in New York, Keyway Management, LLC, owns more than 72 properties in four states.
    In addition to Maryland, Keyway Management runs apartment buildings  in Iowa, Wisconsin and Nebraska.    
    These apartments house residents from all walks of life, including families, seniors and those with special needs.
    As the Keyway Management website notes, the company works to provide well-kept homes for all of their residents.
    As the website stated, “From the certified experts and business professionals at the corporate offices to district and site managers, each member of the Keyway Management team works to keep properties full, clean, safe, and an inviting place to call home.”
    While Keyway Management, LLC, is still wrapping up the details of the sale, current Keyway Apartments residents can only watch, anticipating what changes the new owners will bring.
    For more information on Keyway Management, LLC, visit the Web at www.keywaymanagement.com.