Litter, overfilled can, again an issue at shopping center
Wednesday, 14 November 2012 11:56

Trash can at 1 Shipping Place constantly full

by Nicole Rodman

    There are few things more relaxing than a stroll through the picturesque Dundalk Village Shopping Center on a nice day.
    The trees, the unique architecture, the tidy streetscape — it’s all a part of what makes Dundalk special.
    But, for many residents, the chronically-overfilled trash can at the end of the shopping center near the Family Dollar store is an eyesore on an otherwise tidy landscape.

Since its installation  by the Baltimore County Department of Public Works last year, the trash can has become a source of ire for local residents and visitors as trash seems always to be flowing out of or surrounding the can.
    As pedestrians walk by, trash on the ground gets kicked from the can into the streets and yards of surrounding neighborhoods.
    While the can sits just outside of the Family Dollar at 1 Shipping Place, emptying and maintaining the trash can is the responsibility of Baltimore County.
    According to the manager of the Family Dollar, Irvin Berk, the store does its best to keep the trash contained, often attempting to sweep up and rebag trash that has fallen from the can.
    As Berk noted, on many  occasions he has personally watched as the county employees emptying the can allow the lid of the can to fall to the ground, spilling trash all over.
    This means that, even when the can is empty, there is usually trash all over the ground around the receptacle.
    Despite their efforts to contain the mess, Berk explained, his staff has been unable to keep up with the problem.
    In a response to The Eagle’s inquiry on this issue, Doris Kuhar, aide to Baltimore County Councilman John Olszewski Sr., noted in an e-mail last week that she would contact Baltimore County Code Enforcement regarding the offending can.
    Referring to the can in question, Kuhar exclaimed, “This is absolutely disgusting.”
     She continued, “This spot has always been troublesome.  It has been reported several times.  With the rat problem we are having in the Dundalk areas, this type of thing just makes it worse.”
    For his part, Department of Public Works’ solid waste superintendent Tim Dunn explained on Friday that the county is evaluating the situation.
    The trash can was placed at the spot last fall at the request of the community, Dunn noted, adding that the corner is an unusual spot for a can.
    Trash cans, he explained, are usually placed near streetscapes or bus stops.
    While the can was removed briefly for repairs to the lid hinges earlier this year, it was recently replaced.
    The trash, however, never left. Without a can in place, refuse was simply dropped by pedestrians as they passed the spot where the can had stood.
    Now that the can is back, Dunn noted last week, county employees will be periodically dispatched to sweep through the area to ensure that the trash can is clean and well-maintained.
    As of Tuesday morning,  however, the trash remained.
    For more information, contact the county Department of Public Works at 410-887-3300 or e-mail