Squires owner drives across country on motorcycle
Wednesday, 28 November 2012 13:51

$5,000 raised for juvenile diabetes

by Ben Boehl

    Most people know Bob Romiti as one of the owners of Squire’s Restaurant on Holabird Avenue. Romiti might seem like an average guy with a regular life, but he has more endurance than most men half his age.
    Romiti not only rode his motorcycle across country from Charleston, S.C., to San Diego, Calif., but he did it in 41 hours.
    Romiti and three of his friends – Ben Woodworth, Don Zimmerman and Keith Millet – made the ride to raise money for juvenile diabetes.
    Even though he was the oldest at 62, Romiti was able to beat his three younger friends. 
    “It was not a competition, but it was an unwritten rule that no one wanted to be the last guy to make it there,” Romiti said with a laugh.

    He explained his key to “victory” was that he is used to the late hours as he works late in the restaurant business.    
    “I didn’t sleep at all for 41 hours,” he said. “That was the only way I could beat them.”
    Romiti and his team are members of the Iron Butt Association and they are  part of the 50cc Quest, which means the goal is to travel coast-to-coast in 50 hours.
    On this trip, his team was able to raise $5,000. According to Romiti, the key to riding a motorcycle for 41 hours is to make less frequent stops and eat plenty of energy bars. He calls it endurance riding. 
    “You eat on the bike and drink on the bike,” Romiti added. “It’s important to stay hydrated. You only get off the bike and go to the bathroom when you stop for gas.”
    Romiti is no stranger to riding across county. In the past, he rode his motorcycle from Dundalk to Alaska, although he took his time on that trip, as it took him 24 days round trip.
    While most people have trouble driving in a car with a group for more than a few hours, Romiti rides  across country on a motorcycle. However, he believes he would have trouble driving for 41 hours in a car too.
    “I couldn’t do it in a car. That is like watching TV or a movie,” Romiti said. “On a motorcycle, you have to stay awake, and it helps you stay focused.”
    The race took place in September so the weather in the south wouldn’t be as hot and to make sure some of the northern climates didn’t have snow.
    Romiti said that he did come across rain and nearly had to deal with an issue in Arizona.
    “We hit a sandstorm. I just missed the sandstorm (because he was ahead of his friends), but I knew the guys were going to get stuck in it.”