Watersedge resident named “Next Leader in Banking”
Wednesday, 05 December 2012 12:24

Kirschner nominated by employer BCSB

by Ben Boehl

    Watersedge resident Tia Kirschner was one of 12 people named by the Maryland Bankers Association (MBA) as one of its “Next Leaders in Banking.”
    She is a BSA/AML and Deposit Compliance Coordinator at the Baltimore County Savings Bank (BCSB) headquarters on Joppa Road.    
    The MBA gives the award to recognize bankers who they believe are “rising stars” and who are on course to be the “Next Leaders in Banking” in the next decade. 
    The winners are all age 40 and under and work at a bank in Maryland. They are also known to have made significant contributions to their institutions and in their communities.  
    “This is the second year we have done this. We want to recognize those young professionals in banking,” said Cindy Gentilcore, senior vice president of the MBA.

When it comes to Kirschner, she meets those requirements with flying colors as she is well under 40, is in an  administrative position and helped with a banking program for students at Battle Grove Elementary School in Dundalk.
    “I truly take it day by day. I’m honored to work for a great bank. I want to thank them,” Kirschner said.
    Her colleagues  agree that her best has yet to come. 
    “We are fortunate to have Tia. She has been here seven years,” said Dave Meadows, executive vice president of BCSB.    
    “She is a good all-around employee and has a great work ethic.”
    Marcie Shifler works with Kirschner and nominated her for the award along with Meadows.
    “The reason why I nominated her is that she uses her training well. She continues to develop her compliance skills,” Shifler said.    
    “She also has the knowledge and customer service to assist.”
    The award came as a complete surprise to Kirschner, as she was unaware that Meadows and Shifler had nominated her. 
    “Not only was I really honored, but it was a shock to me,” Kirschner said.
    “They didn’t tell me that I was nominated.”    
    She has been at BCSB for seven years, and spent only two years as a teller before moving up into an administrative position. Meadows and Shifler said that Kirschner does an outstanding job of keeping up with the changes in online banking.
    They believe she is successful in adapting because she is a fast learner.    
    “There is so much opportunity here, (my position) helps me keep up with the technology. “It’s hard. Technology is always changing,” Kirschner said, laughing.
    “When you learn one thing, something new comes out.”
    Kirschner, who started out at the Catonsville BCSB branch, said she is honored that her bank thought of her for this award.
    Even though the award is for bankers under 40, Kirschner has just entered her 30s.
    “We are one of the few employers that a person can start off young and come here to get an education,” Meadows added.