Holabird raises money for Hurricane Sandy victims
Wednesday, 26 December 2012 11:57

Food drive part of Holabird Olympic Games

by Ben Boehl

    With victims in New York and New Jersey still feeling the effects on Hurricane Sandy, students at Holabird Middle School decided they wanted to help. The school decided to hold a food drive, which ties into the annual school event called the Holabird Olympic Games (HOG).
    Holabird Gym teacher Kevin Cross helped organize the food drive.
    “Last year, we collected ‘care packages’ for the military and those serving,” Cross added. “This year  we wanted to help those hit by Hurricane Sandy.”
    Cross explained that the three grades are broken into six groups and compete in the HOG games.
    One extra-credit point is given out to each team every time a canned good is donated. Students as a whole donated over 500 items and Cross shipped the items out on Wednesday.
    “It’s good to see the willingness of the community to help those in need,” Cross said.
    Holabird principal Julie Dellone said this is the second food drive the school has held this year and credits the community for being able to supply the items for the two food drives.

“We always have a food drive for the food bank, but we decided to hold a second drive to collect a large amount of donations for those victims of the hurricane in New York and New Jersey.”
    The HOG games consist of mat races, throwing bean bags into a giant sock and other indoor events. The winning team gets to paint the “Giant Hog” its team colors.
    Laurel Dvorak started the HOG games over 20 years. Deb Vermette, who was at Holabird when the games started, said that the event is a way to get students to work as a team.
    “Since it’s the last day before winter break, it’s a chance for students to wind down, and it brings the whole school together,” she said
    Vermette added that the HOG games used to be an exciting event before being toned down.
    When Dellone arrived, she decided to bring back the yelling and enthusiasm of the games.
    “The staff first asked me if I would continue it and they wanted to bring back the ‘real’ HOG games,” Dellone said. “It helps with attendance on the last day before winter break, and it’s a great way to promote team spirit.”