The Day After Christmas
Wednesday, 02 January 2013 12:03
Tis the day after Christmas,
The house is a mess.
There still lingers the aura
of departed guests.
Some children have left,
Leaving grandkids behind.
(To agree to this, I must be
Out of my mind).
Crisis abounds and
I’m put to the test.
Finding batteries & toy parts
And all of the rest.
A blood-curdling scream ushers
This bit of news:
Quick, turn off the vac,
Barbie’s missing her shoes!
Jacob starts with a beat
Tur Rumedy Dum
In a very weak moment,
We bought him a drum.
The snow that came down
Was only a token
Oops, under my foot,
Another toy broken.
The once proud roast turkey
Prepared with great pains
Just open the fridge
To view its remains.
The tree’s listing slightly
Its glory is past
We’ll keep it till New Year’s
That is, if it lasts.
What has come over me –
This mood that I’m in?
I can’t wait till next year
To do it again.
The late Mary G. Oelke, former Eagle publisher,
penned this poem in 1993