Kamenetz’s Dundalk visit highlights NHCA meeting
Wednesday, 06 February 2013 12:01

NHCA president Ayres to leave by year’s end

by Ben Boehl

    Kevin Kamenetz is coming to Dundalk.
    The county executive has been invited out to The New Norwood Holabird Community Association (NHCA) annual meeting on Monday, Feb. 11 at 7 p.m. at Squire’s Restaurant.
    Citizens will have the chance to hear — and question — Kamenetz, and the group will have a sign-up sheet for questioners. NHCA president John Ayres explained that the meeting is open to the public but NHCA board members and residents will have the first chance to talk to Kamenetz.

    However, recognizing that some local residents are angry with Kamenetz over the county’s decision to place the North Point Government Center site up for sale, Ayres said this meeting is not about disrespecting the county executive.
    “This is not a chance to beat up on the county executive,” Ayres stated. “I’m not afraid to have people removed by [police] if they get out of hand.”
    Ayres added he reserves the right and privilege to disallow or restrict any questions or comments not relevant to meeting agenda topics and each participant will be limited to a total of three minutes to present a specific question and comments for Kamenetz.
    “He will take questions, but it will be done by a protocol,” Ayres added. “There will be civility and respect to the county executive.”
    Kamenetz’s appearance will not be the only headline of the evening, as Ayres said this will be his last meeting as NHCA president before he plans to step down at the end of the year. He will make the official announcement on why he is leaving at the meeting.
    “I’m going to give some of my final thoughts,” Ayres stated.
    Terry Godwin, past president and now treasurer of the NHCA, thanked Ayres for his service, including getting the group its charter and said Ayres is the person that the community goes to with a problem.
    “When you go to John with a problem, he is going to sit down with you and will try to find a solution to that problem,” Godwin said.
    The NHCA will also present its proposal calling for the building of a new state-of-the-art school at the Government Center site, if the county is unable to find a buyer for the property.
    “It’s time to be proactive. I need the county to think about this,” Ayres said.
    Capt. Jan Brown, Commander of the North Point Police Precinct 12, and Baltimore County Code Enforcement Chief Lionel van Dommelen will also be guest speakers at the event.
    Brown will give an update about crime in Dundalk and Van Dommelen will unveil his plan for the 2013 Baltimore County Rat Eradication Program and its effect on local communities.
    Ayres said NHCA will also give out awards, including the association’s humanitarian  and citizen of the year. While Ayres said the humanitarian winner will not be announced until the meeting, Ayres confirmed that Ofc. Marianne Snyder and Lt. Michael Sansosti of Precinct 12 will receive certificates of appreciation.
    “She did a lot of work in the community and was recently promoted to corporal,” Ayres said of Snyder. “Lt. Sansoti handled some of the criminal issues related to drugs, burglaries and break-ins.”
    The NHCA will also recognize the Romiti family, owners of Squire’s, and will honor longtime Dundalk High School teacher Tom Pless.
    “Tom has been at the school for 38 years and is the longest-tenured teacher at the school,”Ayres said. “He will be transferring to the new school complex in the summer and is the only teacher to span 38 years over a two-century period in both the old and new buildings.”
    The event and food are free to the public, but there is limited seating of 75 people.
    Ayres added that door prizes will be awarded at the end of the meeting, but guests must be present to win — with no exceptions, and alcoholic beverages will not be served.