County awards stadium contract
Wednesday, 27 February 2013 15:43

Dundalk High facility to have 500-1,000 seats, track, press box

by Bill Gates

The current Dundalk High School will be demolished after the new building that has risen alongside it opens in the fall.
    But now it seems that more than just a parking lot will be built upon the site of the proud old school.
    The Baltimore County Board of Education, during its meeting on Feb. 5,  approved a contract to build a stadium after the current school is torn down.
    The project base bid consists of the demolition of the existing Dundalk High School and site restoration consisting of an athletic field, all-weather track, bleachers and a press box.
    It also includes alternates for an additional 500-seat bleachers (bringing the total capacity of the stadium to 1,000 seats), another parking lot and connection stairs to CCBC Dundalk.

The amount of the contract is estimated at $5,400,000 and is recommended to be awarded to Urban N. Zink Contracting Inc. of Chase.
    Five companies bid for the contract, ranging from $5,400,000 (Zink Contracting’s bid) to $7,507,900.
    The stadium construction will begin after the demolition of the old building is completed.
    An estimated timeline is not yet available.
    “We will be very happy to get our athletic complex back,” Dundalk High principal Tom Shouldice said. “A new field with stadium seats, lights and additional parking will allow our athletic programs to flourish.
    “It will be great to host our athletic events on campus once again.”
    Dundalk High has been playing its football, soccer, lacrosse and field hockey games at CCBC Dundalk since the “Bowl” became ground zero for the start of the construction of the new Dundalk/Sollers Point high schools complex two years ago.
    The field hockey and softball teams were displaced by a mountain of dirt from the construction site, with the softball team moving to the Dundalk Middle School field off of Sollers Point Road.
    While a stadium was part of the original diagrams of the new school, Baltimore County school officials were hesitant to confirm if the stadium would be included until they learned if there would be funds available.
    The school board meeting also approved the awarding of a $684,200 contract for the electrical work associated with the demolition of the existing Dundalk High and electrical materials and equipment required for the construction of the electrical field and structures, as well as including alternates for stadium lighting, the scoreboard, and lights in a potential extended parking lot.
    “Once everything is completed, the new school and the field, we will have a school complex of which the community can be proud,” Shouldice said.
    “It will be everyone’s responsibility — teachers, parents and community members — to insure our school provides a world-class education and that our students are receptive and ready to learn.”
    The Dundalk football team, which would be the main occupant of the stadium, has advanced to the regional playoffs for a school-record four consecutive years and won the first playoff game in school history this past fall.
    “It will be great that finally we have a place of our own,” Dundalk football coach Sean Sandora said. “I think the kids and community will take a lot of pride in a new stadium, and the new school and stadium will become very appealing for student-athletes in the area.”