North Point Mini Warehouse’s customers find empty units
Wednesday, 08 May 2013 14:33

Couple claims they were not notified of plan; owner says notice was given

by Ben Boehl

    Imagine putting your belongings in a storage unit only to have them later thrown in the trash. That is what Brian and Donna Biehler say happened to their property.
    The Biehlers were renting a 10-by-10-foot storage unit at North Point Mini Warehouses at 4216 North Point Road.

    They decided to check out their unit a few weeks ago, only to find that it, and those of all the other customers, had been emptied.
    “When we arrived, all the units were gone,” Donna said. “Everyone’s stuff was taken to the dump and cleaned out.”
    The Biehlers said that the items in their unit included a photo album from a family member’s wedding and expensive outdoor items such as an umbrella.
    “My stuff was not junk. It was very organized,” Donna said.
    “[There were] family items that cannot be replaced in the unit as well as some brand new equipment,” Brian added.
    The Biehlers said that the family was able to locate some of their property at a thrift store in Essex.
    An employee of S&W Hauling, who asked not to be identified, confirmed that his company was asked by the owner of  North Point Mini Warehouses to remove all the items. He said he feels bad that the people’s belongings were removed.
    “Yeah, we cleaned it out. We got out the trash, but you’ll have to talk to Dan Benhoff [the storage facility’s owner],” the worker said.
    The Biehlers said they have been unable to reach Benhoff; and claims he does not answer his phone.
    “We don’t have no way of contacting them,” Donna noted.
    However; The Eagle was able to get in contact with Benhoff. He said he had the units cleaned out but that he gave his customers 30 days prior notice — time enough, he said, for them to remove their property.
    “They were notified and had time to get their stuff out,” Benhoff said.
    Brian responded that the Biehlers were not notified.
    “Benhoff did not post anything nor did he advise anyone by certified mail,” Brian said.
    “The other thing that comes to mind is that I and my wife have had the same phone number and address for over 13 years and are local, so how hard would it be to contact us?”