Mystery of the dancing lights over Dundalk — solved?
Wednesday, 15 May 2013 13:01
by Ben Boehl

    Has the mystery of the “Dundalk Lights” been solved?
    Residents from as far as Charlesmont and North Point Village have reported seeing unusual lights in the sky, but most calls to The Eagle office reporting sightings of the lights have been from residents near the Baltimore County-City line.
    Readers from near Old Dundalk, Logan Village, Holabird Avenue and Graceland Park have all called reported seeing four to five white dots that move in a counter-clockwise circular motion with one dot remaining stationary.
    Ann Knott is a Dundalk Avenue resident who noticed the same — usual four white dots.
    “We usually see them on a cloudy night around 10:30 to 11 p.m,” Knott said.
    Like many others, Knott reported seeing the lights on Sunday evening.
    She decided to do some investigating and called the North Point police precinct. She told The Eagle that one of the officers at the desk told her the lights were coming from a nightclub near the Travel Plaza.
    Tim Bennett is the manager of the new Voltage Night Club at the Travel Plaza. He could not be reached for comment, but  one of his representatives confirmed that the club does shine out about four white lights on Sunday nights from 9 p.m. to after midnight.
    “We set them up in the parking lot on Sunday and they go around in a circle,”  said the representative.
    He also added that he had no idea that the lights were generating such a mystery all over the Dundalk area.
    “They are not that strong. I’m surprised they went that far,” the representative added.
    So maybe we are alone after all?