Area parks eligible for “Take it to the Park” contest
Wednesday, 26 June 2013 09:41

Stansbury Park is overwhelming local leader

by Ben Boehl

    Coca-Cola has launched its “Take it to the Park” contest, asking Americans to vote for their favorite parks. This is their fourth annual parks contest.    
    It is not the typical “go online and click” contest.
    Yes, park visitors can go online and vote, but it only counts as one vote. In order for a park to receive multiple votes, a person needs to “check in.”
    Visitors can “check in” using Foursquare once a day to receive five votes for that park.
    As part of the MapMyFitness program, park visitors who log at least 20 minutes of physical activity each day will get to cast 10 votes for their favorite park.
    Every major park in Dundalk, along with many others in the county, the state and the entire country, appears to be on Coke’s list, but the park with the most votes in the Baltimore metropolitan area is Stansbury Park in Eastfield.
    As of Tuesday morning, Stansbury had 552 votes and that is by far the highest total in the Baltimore region. A community park in Elkridge has the second most votes in the Baltimore region with 112.
    The North Point Battlefield has the second most votes in the Dundalk area with 7.

Inverness, Gray Manor, Chesterwood, Merritt Point, Battle Grove, Watersedge, Heritage, Veterans Concrete Home, Turner Station, Fleming, St. Helena and Colgate parks all had at least one vote as of Tuesday.
    It appears that most of the area is joining together to help Stansbury Park get into the top 25.
    The groups Save The North Point Government Center and Dundalk United have posted links on their sites encouraging their followers to vote for Stansbury.
    “North Point Government Center Park is ineligible for the Coca-Cola ‘Take it to the Park’ contest,” said a statement on both group’s Facebook page. “Please vote for Stansbury Park, also located in Eastfield-Stanbrook. It needs improvements Baltimore County has been unwilling to make.”
    Another supporter of Stansbury Park is Clean Bread and Cheese Creek. John Long, founder of the group, is encouraging all his volunteers to support Stansbury Park because he says it could use the prize money.
    “That is one of the parks that we clean,” Long explained. “They need help. There is erosion between the pond and Bear Creek. If it breaches, the pond will be gone.”
    On Tuesday morning, Stansbury had a long way to go, as a park in Moore, Okla., had over 50,000 votes.
    However; Stansbury was nearly in the top 25, as the 25th-place park had just over 800 votes.
    The first-place park will receive $100,000, second place will get $50,000 and third place will get $25,000.    
    However, one random park ranked between fourth and 25th can win a wild-card prize of $15,000, so it is important for Stansbury or any other local park to get into the top 25.
    To vote or to view results, go to
    The contest is open until July 15.