New water tower in Eastwood community is complete
Wednesday, 10 July 2013 11:24

Old tower to be destroyed at end of the month

by Ben Boehl

    The new water tower in Eastwood is almost complete. 
    Bob Dapp of the Eastwood Community Civic Association said a new tower had to be built to replace the old one, which was over 60 years old and beyond repair.
    “It was leaking water and it had to be replaced,” Dapp said.
    Bob Nozeika of the Eastwood Residents and Business Association of Baltimore County noted that the leak was not huge, but it was enough to make residents near the tower nervous.
    “It was a pinhole leak, but it left a good amount of water on the ground,” Nozeika said. “The neighbors around there were worried what could have happened if it got bigger.”
    The work on the new $1.9 million tower began in December 2011.
    According to David Fidler, spokesperson for the Baltimore County Department of Public Works, the construction of the tower is complete and it should be in use soon.
    “The new tank will be filled by [the end of this week],” Fidler noted.
    “The contractor will isolate the old tank and it will be demolished by the end of July.”
    Fidler said the project was well ahead of schedule and he believed it would be finished early, but a setback at a pumping station caused the tower to be completed at its projected time.

“We are working on an instrumental glitch from a nearby pumping station,” Fidler added.
    The new tank holds over 500,000 gallons of water, which Fidler believes is slightly more than the old tower.
    He added that the purpose of the tower is to provide pressure and fire protection in case of an emergency.
    Although the project is located in Eastwood, it is called the Colgate Elevated Water Tank.
    Nozeika and other Eastwood residents were hoping the name “Eastwood” would be displayed on the tower.
    “I would love it to say ‘Welcome to Eastwood’ or anything that would say ‘Eastwood,’” Nozeika said. “I’m proud of our community. I’ve been here for 48 years, and I’ll be here for the duration.”
    Fidler said that the county owns the tank and maintenance is done by Baltimore City, but the tank will remain unmarked.
    “We don’t allow any county lettering on any maintenance towers,” Fidler noted.
    Joanne Mitchell is an Eastwood resident with a good view of the work that was done on the new tower. She said she appreciates the dangerous job that the workers did and even wrote them a thank you note for their hard work.
    “I was watching the men as they were on scaffolds,” Mitchell recalled. “It was like they were dangling from the tower. I kept them in my prayers for their safety.”
    Mitchell has lived in her Conley Street home for 51 years and said the old water tower has been there for a long time and will be missed.
    “I don’t know how the tower works, but the first thing you see has always been that old water tower,” Mitchell said. “That has been a landmark in Eastwood as long as I remember.”