Kidd wants a chance to return to Fox dance show
Wednesday, 21 August 2013 11:32

Patapsco alum seeks second shot at SYTYCD

by Ben Boehl

    Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts prides itself on magnet programs that include vocal and instrumental music, performance and technical theatre, dance and visual art. alt
    The school produces talented students every year, but they now have a high-profile alumnus they can point to for inspiration — Jason Kidd.
    The Eagle shared Kidd’s story in May when the 2011 Patapsco grad made an appearance on Fox Television’s popular dance competition show So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD).
    Kidd went to the February auditions in Boston for a tryout. His performance went so well that the three SYTYCD judges did not comment on his performance, but instead walked up on stage to hand Kidd a ticket to the Las Vegas round.
    The Eagle caught up with Kidd last week and asked him to relive that performance.

“It was a shock. I saw all three [judges] walking onstage and lifted my hand up and I got the ticket,” Kidd said. “It was a dream come true.”
    Then the first taste of stardom began. Kidd recalled that he got Facebook messages and Twitter followers from all over the country, and said he was humbled and honored that many of those followers called him an inspiration.
    Kidd also made an appearance on Fox 45 Morning News, where he showed off his dance moves.
    He went to Las Vegas for the next round and said he met many talented dancers and enjoyed being around the production of the show.
    “The experience was pretty awesome, to be around so much talent,” Kidd recalled. “I was a part of that community and I learned a lot on the show.”
    However, Kidd’s Vegas performances never made it to TV.
    He explained that there were different layers of rounds in Vegas and that he was able to get by the solo and hip-hop rounds, but was eliminated as he struggled with the ballroom dance round.alt
    “Ballroom dancing is something I need to work on,” Kidd acknowledged.
    After being cut from the show, it did not take long for Kidd to return home to Patapsco. He was able to get back to the school before the school year ended in June.
    He was a guest of his former dance teacher Claire Sweet.
    “Jason has come back to school many times since his appearance on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’,” Sweet said. “We welcome him as a guest artist as his time allows.”
    Kidd said he enjoyed his time at Patapsco and was happy to go back home.
    “Ms. Sweet is really a nice lady. I kept in contact with her and she had me come out to the school,” he said.
    Sweet said she is proud of Kidd’s continuous commitment to dance and she believes he will go far if he continues to pursue his dream.
    “His performance persona has grown immensely, and it is amazing to watch him excel,” Sweet noted. “It takes hour upon hour of experimentation and training to accomplish the artistry he embodies in the studio.”
    Although he was able to make it onto the nation’s premiere dance competition show, Kidd said that he did not try out for the dance program at Patapsco in his freshman year.
    “I always thought I was not good enough to try out for dance,” Kidd said.
    He eventually did go out for dance in his sophomore year and is happy to be an inspiration to other Patapsco students.
    “He loved the stage and seized every opportunity to be on it. Though he was admitted into the music magnet, by his senior year he was constantly hanging around the dance studio and was welcomed to also perform in dance magnet concerts,” Sweet added.        
    “His love of the art form was evident and grew through the years I knew him in high school.”
    Kidd said he is going to use the next year to improve his dancing skills and plans to try out again for SYTYCD next year.
    “I have no regrets. I need to become a stronger dancer. I’m not strong enough for the show. I have things I need to work on,” Kidd said.
    “I will be there to try out next year. There is no doubt.”