Dundalk resident wins 20 ribbons at State Fair
Wednesday, 04 September 2013 14:53

Dotty Cristy encourages others to try

by Ben Boehl

    Dotty Cristy loves to win ribbons at the Maryland State Fair. And thanks to her photgraphy, she gets them. She has entered the fair’s photography contests since 2000.
    “I would go out there in the ‘90s and I would look at the photos,” Cristy said. “I decided to submit photos in 2000. I was using a disposable camera and I won.”
    As an amateur photographer, she would go on to win every year from 2000 to 2011, with the exception of one year that she did not enter the contest. Then her streak ended in 2012.
    “That was the first time I didn’t win a ribbon,” Cristy said.
    Instead of feeling bad, she said it motivated her to focus on other events at the fair. 
    She entered a few other contests a few days later in 2012 that included a floral arrangements and a Christmas wreath.
    She was able to win ribbons in both of those contests.
    This year Cristy decided to take it up a notch and entered 30 different contests.
    She won 20 ribbons at this year’s state fair.

    She won ribbons in categories including fresh floral arrangements, fake floral arrangements, molten candy, cherry tomatoes and a Christmas wreath, just to name a few.
    “Normally I do photography, and decided to branch out to different things,” she said. “I just tried something different this year. I thought I would try it to see what happens.”
    Cristy is amazed at how what she considered some of her stronger entries did not win and how some of her weaker entries  were able to receive a ribbon.
    She gave an example of a photo she took that won in a contest in Hollywood, Fla., but did not place at the State Fair.
    On the other hand, she entered a wooden box in the decoupage competition. Cristy said she was frustrated because the finish produced a yellow stain around the outside, but she still won a blue ribbon.
    “I was worried there was too much yellow and it didn’t have a finish, but it didn’t matter,” Cristy said. “It still won.”
    In another competition, she entered six 8-by-10-inch notecards that had a picture on each. The cards had won and were given to Miss Maryland Agriculture. Cristy did not think the packaging used was good enough to win, but she was glad to be wrong.
    “I liked my cards, but I didn’t like the container. It was blue cardboard,” Cristy explained. “I didn’t like it, but they liked it.”
    Cristy said she thinks that many of her friends are talented people, but they do not take chances like entering contests.
    She said there are many categories a person can enter and each person needs to find their strengths — then just enter.
    “A lot of people are afraid to try. It is not that hard. If you are good at anything, you will probably win.”