Demolition crews slowly reducing old Dundalk High to rubble
Wednesday, 04 September 2013 14:59

Stadium to rest on site by May

by Bill Gates

    It’s always easier to destroy something than it is to create.
    Creativity takes planning, thought, teamwork and imagination.
    Destruction usually just requires the strength to swing a big hammer.
    Thus it is, after watching the new Dundalk High-Sollers Point Technical school slowly grow over the last three years, the demolition of the old Dundalk High School seems to be proceeding much too quickly.
    One almost wishes it would go slower, allowing people to hold onto their memories for a bit longer while wishing it farewell.

    Then again, others might want it to be finished much quicker, to put the old building out of its misery and finally lay it to rest.
    But a fitting memorial is scheduled to be erected on the site of the old school, and sooner than some may have expected.
    The Dundalk High athletic stadium, with lights, a press box, concession stand and — possibly; it’s yet to be determined — a turf field is expected to be completed by May, according to school officials.
    Meanwhile, the community’s old namesake, often the butt of jokes from other county high schools operating under the delusion they were somehow superior, is slowly removed from the world:
    A refrigerator stands up from a pile of debris from where the offices and main lobby used to stand; classrooms stand open to the courtyard where the school library once stood; the remnants of the interior courtyard, which for years was used as a rest stop by migrating ducks; the end of the second-floor hallway, where generations of Owl indoor track athletes trained and from where you could get a great view of the Francis Scott Key bridge; the end of the school breezeway, which used to lead to the Tech Ed building torn down early in the construction process; debris deemed unworthy of salvage threatens to bury the breezway.

















































Exposed whiteboards leave final messages as DHS comes down

    There’s just something ... poignant ... about the blackboards (and whiteboards) that become visible as the exterior walls of the old Dundalk High School are knocked down.
    Writing can still be seen on the boards. The remains of the last lesson taught in that classroom, now to be lost to debris and dust? A farewell written by teachers or students? Random scribblings?
    The machines being used in the demolition sometime resemble the heads of Tyranosaurs, leaning forward to rip off a chunk of the building, pulling away to digest it, then lunging down for another bite.
    The gymnasium gone, classroom whiteboards are exposed as demolition begins to eat into the school facing the jock lot; a chunk of the school from the hall leading down from the cafeteria is ripped away; one of the predators tearing down the school is reflected in some of the surviving windows; more blackboards are exposed to the outside world; the school cafeteria wing enters its last moments; the writing on the whiteboard at far left seems to be a list of books and authors.