Police Precinct 12 commander delivers crime statistics
Wednesday, 08 January 2014 12:15

Burglaries and auto theft down; robberies up

by Ben Boehl

    North Point Police Precinct 12 commander Capt. Jan Brown announced the latest crime statistics for the area at the last Norwood Holabird Community Association meeting.
    Brown said that burglaries were down one percent over the last year compared to the five-year average.
    One bit of bad news was that robberies across the precinct were up 10 percent, even as robberies were down 10 percent countywide.
    Brown explained that there has been an increase in robberies at convenience stores, but said he believes the numbers will balance themselves out.
    “What it means is that we have up and down years,” Brown noted. “It is what it is. It includes a lot of commercial robberies near the city line that came over to the county.”
    Brown said there is good news on auto thefts, as stolen vehicle reports were down 20 percent locally and down 35 percent all over Baltimore County.
 Brown spoke about his department’s success in solving a rash of auto break-ins in the Berkshire community.
    “We made an arrest, and it turns out they broke into nine cars,” Brown explained. “They happened to be a resident of Berkshire.”
    The commander also reported two shootings within a two-week span at the Holabird East apartment complex.
    He did not address whether the shootings were related but did state that no one was struck in the first shooting and that one person sustained non-life-threatening injuries in the second incident. Brown said the shootings are under investigation.

“We have never left the complex,” Brown said, stressing ongoing enforcement efforts in the neighborhood. “We think it is drug-related, which I guess makes it [less random], but it is still a shooting.”
    Brown also touched upon issues at the Dundalk Village Shopping Center, including reports of loitering by apparently-homeless people.
    According to Brown, police are working with the Dundalk Village management to provide a safe environment for shoppers.
    “It is getting tough for patrons to shop there,” Brown said. “Some businesses have been affected, and it has become a big problem.”
Lowest homicide rates since 1970s
    According to Baltimore County police, the county homicide rate is the lowest it has been since the late 1970s.
    The county reported 19 homicides in 2013, compared to 23 homicides in 2012 and 30 homicides in 2011.
    According to Baltimore County, the homicide rate has been reduced by almost 43 percent since 1980, when the rate was four homicides per 100,000 residents.
    With population increases, the 2013 rate is 2.3 homicides per 100,000 residents.
    “One homicide is one crime too many,” said County Executive Kevin Kamenetz.  “Still, we are pleased that by all standards our county is safer than it has ever been.”
    The total number of homicides over the past four years is lower than in any other four-year period since 1976-1979.