County’s Restaurant Week runs until January 26
Wednesday, 15 January 2014 11:51

Two Dundalk restaurants taking part

by Ben Boehl

    Baltimore County’s Winter Restaurant Week is under way and will last until Sunday, Jan. 26.
    Although it is called a “week,” the event is 17 days long and aims to motivate visitors and residents of Baltimore County to visit restaurants in their neighborhoods and all over Baltimore County.
    In return, over 50 restaurants throughout the county have agreed to offer sales or discounted meals.
    A full list of participating restaurants can be found at It includes two Dundalk-area restaurants:  Costas Inn, located at 4100 North Point Blvd., and the Sparrows Point Country Club, located at 919 Wise Avenue.
    Pete Triantafilos, owner of Costas, said that his restaurant always takes part in Restaurant Week and encourages Dundalk residents to stop in, as he said there will be special offers.
    “We are offering a two-course lunch for $15.14 and a three-course selection for $30.14. We centered a few of our selections around our very popular crab cakes and prime rib,”  Triantafilos said.
    “Giving the customer a great value and generous portion for the price. We did a very nice Mediterranean blend with fresh herbs, spinach and feta over grilled swordfish.”

Sparrows Point Country Club general manager Paul Gloom could not be reach for comment, but he did tell The Eagle in August that he decided to participate in Baltimore County’s Summer Restaurant Week to give “non-members ... the chance to taste the talents of Sparrows Point Country Club.”
    In a statement released by the county, Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz encouraged county residents and visitors to take advantage of such deals during Restaurant Week.
    “Baltimore County’s restaurants provide not only enjoyment for its patrons, but employment to 25,000 workers,” the statement said.
    “From fine dining to family dining, you’ll find something to suit your taste and wallet during Baltimore County Restaurant Week.”
    Marjorie Hampson, director of the Baltimore County Office of Tourism and Promotion, told The Eagle that the event was started in 2010 by Brian Boston, owner and chef of The Milton Inn in Sparks. The promotion started with 14 restaurants — mostly, like Boston’s, in northern Baltimore County — and has grown to 24  participating restaurants in 2012 and over 50 in 2014.
    “This Restaurant Week marks our seventh promotion. We do them ... in January and August — the two slowest months for the restaurant industry,” Hampson said.
    According to Hampson, the event is also promoted by the Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce and restaurants must register at the rate of $150 for  Chamber members and $250 for non-members. 
    “This is quite reasonable since they get nearly $20,000 in advertising in return,” Hampson noted.  “I really don’t have to ‘beg’ any restaurants to join. Most realize that this is a tremendous ‘deal’ any are quite happy and anxious to join.”
    However, the interest has not been seen in Dundalk. Three restaurants participated in the event last summer; the Seasoned Mariner decided not to participate this winter.
    No one from the Seasoned Mariner could be reached for comment as to why they decided not to participate again.
    Hampson added that she is surprised that only two Dundalk establishments are part of the event.
    “I don’t know why. I’m perplexed by the way the east side restaurants [have shown little interest],” Hampson said.
    “They are missing out on a great and lucrative opportunity to promote their restaurants during this slow season.”
    Triantafilos said he too is surprised that more Dundalk-area restaurants are not taking part in the event.
    “I am very surprised that we’re only [one of two restaurants] in Dundalk to participate in Restaurant Week. It’s a great way to showcase the culinary talents of your kitchen and attract new customers to your restaurant,” Triantafilos added.
    “We have always participated in the county Restaurant Week from day one when Brian Boston, owner of the Milton Inn, started Restaurant Week in Baltimore County.”