Dundalkian Lane scratches his itch to travel
Wednesday, 29 January 2014 13:46

Journey takes him to 30 states, game show win

by John G. Bailey

    James Lane likes to roam.
    At 24, the 2008 Dundalk High School graduate has traveled to 30 states. New Orleans,
Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Atlanta and Denver are among the cities he has seen so far. Along the way, Lane has also visited Toronto and Montreal. He travels mostly by bus, but often finds rides with people.alt
    Lane is a man with a plan. By age 30, he wants to see all 50 states and then write a book about his journeys.
    “I have incredible travel stories that always impress my friends and family,” Lane explained during an interview with The Eagle. “All the places I’ve seen have a great back story behind them, with unusual experiences and people I’ve met from all over the world.”
    He often travels with no specific plan in mind, and his itinerary frequently zigs and zags, depending on who he meets. Prospects change daily. On occasion, he has found himself uncertain about where he will be sleeping for the night.
    In 2012, Lane went to Denver to work as a canvasser, a job which provided him with a food stipend only. With no money to get home with, Lane found a man on Craigslist who did not like to drive long distances and drove his car to New Orleans. In New Orleans, he met a woman with a car  that he rode with to New York, before making his way back to Baltimore.
    Currently a journalism student at CCBC Dundalk,  Lane writes a blog about his travels. He invites Eagle readers to visit the blog at www.jamesrlane.blogspot.com/2013/all-of-my-travels-and-everything-ive.html.

  He works at the Hostelling International hostel on
Sarasota Street in Baltimore. Employment in the organization allows him to board at hostels around the country for free.
    Lane is also interested in acting. “So far, I have done only background work on [the TV series]Veep and House of Cards and [the movie] The Dark Knight Rises.”
    Last year, his desire to find a job in acting took him to Los Angeles on a bus with two friends. They stayed for four months. Though Lane did not find fame and fortune on the silver screen, he did audition for the Price is Right and got on the show. On an episode that was shot in October but did not air until Jan. 15, Lane won a Canon camera and trips to San Francisco, Lake Tahoe and Reno.
    A week after his game show success, he hit rock bottom and left Los Angeles for Florida on a Greyhound bus. “I had no where to live [in Los Angeles]. It was one of the crappiest moments of my life and I was exhausted from not sleeping,” he recalled.
    On the trip east, disaster in Arizona turned to fortune for the traveler from Dundalk. Lane’s bus caught fire in Knife City and in compensation, he received a $245 travel voucher once he reached Florida. The voucher is redeemable for trips on any bus at any time.
     During the coming summer, after the spring semester at CCBC, Lane wants to cash in on his game show prize trips  and fly to California. By the end of the year, he  plans to visit Nebraska, North and South Dakota and Washington, reducing the number of states he’s not yet seen to 16. 
    “I’m extremely eager to see Alaska,” he said. “It doesn’t even seem to be part of the United States because of the climate and culture.”
    If Lane settles down after he reaches 30, he says he would like to live in New Orleans. But he does not see the city as an ideal place to raise a family. “It all depends what stage of my life I’m at,” he said.