Incumbent Olszewski endorses Yeatman for council
Wednesday, 29 January 2014 13:59

Opponents say they are not surprised

by Ben Boehl

    When Baltimore County Councilman John Olszewski decided not to seek re-election in 2014, a long-  line of hopefuls started to form.
    Candidates seeking to succeed Olszewski include Democrats Greater Dundalk Community Council (GDCC) president Scott Holupka,  Essex-Middle River Renaissance Corporation president Joe DiCara, New 7th Democratic Club president C.O. “Bud” Staigerwald and County Seal Democratic Club president Ron Yeatman,
    It appears Olszewski wants Yeatman at the front of that line, as he endorsed Yeatman at the Battle Grove Democratic Club on Jan. 17.    
    Yeatman told The Eagle he was happy to hear the news.alt
    “It’s huge, since it is coming from the longest-serving councilman in the district,” he said
    The endorsement does not come as a complete surprise, as campaign finance reports filed on Jan. 15 show that Olszewski contributed $3,000 to Yeatman’s campaign.
    “Ron has been active in the Democratic Party and we share some of the same proprieties in public education and public safety,” Olszewski said about his decision to back Yeatman.
    Yeatman said he has had a good working relationship with Olszewski over the years.
    “I didn’t ask for it, but I’m honored to get [the endorsement],” Yeatman said. “When I announced I was running, he said he would support me 100 percent.”

According to multiple sources, DiCara and Staigerwald were at the Battle Grove club on Jan. 17 when Olszewski endorsed Yeatman. Holupka was not present, but said he was aware of the endorsement.
    “I would have liked the endorsement, but I did not expect it,” Holupka said.
    Staigerwald said he too was not expecting an endorsement and added that he was not surprised that Yeatman is receiving Olszewski’s support.
    DiCara also said he was not upset over Olszewski endorsing Yeatman and said that elections still come down to the voters.
    “Politics is a strange business where people make decisions. John has every right to pick whomever he chooses to run for his seat. I am not upset,” DiCara said.
    “Ron and John have been friends for many years, and Ron has helped John get elected in the past. The people will decide who has the best credentials to run for council. I believe I am that person, or I would not be running.”
    One candidate who knew he was not going to get an endorsement from Olszewski is Republican Todd Crandell. He agrees with DiCara’s view that getting endorsements does not necessarily make a candidate the most qualified for that office.
    “My campaign is about substance, uniting people to work together, and holding elected officials to a higher standard than what we have come to expect,” Crandell said.
    “Endorsements are an expected part of the political process, but endorsements are not ideas or solutions. I think voters are looking for a lot more.”