Bartenfelder endorses Staigerwald for County Council
Wednesday, 12 February 2014 12:07
by Ben Boehl

    C.O. “Bud” Staigerwald announced he was running for County Council in the fall, but the Democrat officially kicked off his campaign on Saturday with an endorsement from former 6th District Councilman Joe Bartenfelder.
    “I’m here to support and endorse — if you want to call it that — Bud Staigerwald for County Council for the 7th District,” Bartenfelder said at the event at the Iron Workers Local #16 hall on Merritt Avenue.
    Bartenfelder served in the Maryland House of Delegates from 1983 to 1994, when he was elected to the County Council.
    He ran for county executive in 2010, but lost in the Democratic primary to fellow councilman Kevin Kamenetz.
    Bartenfelder did not give an answer when asked if he would seek a rematch with Kamenetz in 2014.
    “It is still early. There is still plenty of time left,” he said referring to the Feb. 25 deadline for candidates to file.
    Bartenfelder did not mention Kamenetz by name during his endorsement speech of Staigerwald but did criticize Baltimore County’s decision to place the North Point Government Center up for sale.
    “If I had won that election, we wouldn’t have sold off parkland in Dundalk.”
    Staigerwald said he was excited to get the endorsement from his “longtime friend” Bartenfelder.
    “I’m very thankful to call Joe Bartenfelder my friend. He has 30 years in public service. That is a lifetime,” he said.
    Staigerwald is the former New 7th Democratic Club president and is one of four Democrats running for the local council seat after 16-year incumbent John Olszewski Sr. announced he would not seek re-election this year.
    “This race is going to determine who is going to represent this side of Baltimore County,” Staigerwald added. “It is not about Bud Staigerwald. This is for you.”
Staigerwald is joined in the race by Greater Dundalk Community Council president Scott Holupka, Essex resident and president of the Essex-Middle River Renaissance Corporation Joe DiCara and County Seal Democratic Club president Ron Yeatman.
    Todd Crandell is so far the only Republican to file for the council seat.
    Bartenfelder’s endorsement of Staigerwald comes a few weeks after Yeatman was endorsed by Olszewski.
    Former Delegate Jacob “Jake” Mohorovic, who is running for the House of Delegates as a Democrat, said the 2014 council race is turning into a “showdown between two political titans in southeast Baltimore County —Bartenfelder and Olszewski” — through their chosen candidates.
    In 2010, Olszewski endorsed Kamenetz over Bartenfelder for county executive.
    Staigerwald also did not mention Olszewski or Kamenetz, but he did follow up on Bartenfelder’s comments about the Government Center sale.
    “I don’t think anybody should find out their precious resources are being sold through the newspaper,” Staigerwald explained. “It is not the job of some to tell you what you want.”