“Defender of Dundalk” to return at St. Pat’s parade
Wednesday, 12 March 2014 11:16

Superhero will pass out 5,000 comic books

by Ben Boehl

    Dundalk has a new superhero. “The Defender of Dundalk” was originally spotted at the DRC Fall Fest last year.    
    “The Defender,” who asked to keep her real identity secret, said that she did not realize how popular her character became until she was told that she was missed during this December’s Holiday Hoopla.
    “The kids wanted to know, “Where is ‘The Defender at?’ It took a life of its own,” she said.
    “The Defender” is scheduled to make another appearance this Saturday at the Dundalk St. Patrick’s Day Parade, but she wanted to do more than just wave at the crowd so she came up with the idea of producing a comic book.
    “I asked my husband “How can we get (a good message) out there? And I decided ‘why not a comic book?’” she recalled.    
    “If I’m going to do this, I’m going to do it right.”
    “The Defender” will be passing out 5,000 comic books at the parade.
    Illustrated by Matt Clark, the book is 16 pages long and simply called “The Defender of Dundalk.”
    The book showcases two stories about youths being bullied, with “The Defender” intervening in both cases.
    Instead of fighting with the bullies, “The Defender” tries to bring out their  good qualities.
    “The Defender” said the purpose of the comic is to get readers to find their superpower characteristics  such as if they are a good friend, good at academics, a great athlete, etc.
    According to “The Defender,” this will be the first of a series of books that will include the addition of more superheroes.
    “There will be Volume Two. This is only Volume One,” she promised.