Nick D’Adamo running for House of Delegates
Wednesday, 12 March 2014 11:45

Former city councilman now county resident

by Ben Boehl

    The field for the 6th District House of Delegates race has been set, and while Del. Michael Weir Jr. is the only incumbent seeking re-election, there’s another experienced officeholder in the race on the Democratic side — former Baltimore City Councilman Nicholas C. D’Adamo Jr.
    Can a former city councilman attract voters in the 6th District?
    He’ll certainly be well-funded. According to the Maryland Campaign Reporting Information System, D’Adamo has a campaign war chest of $111,900.62. Most of that money is left over from fundraising during his 1988-2011 tenure as a city councilman.
    D’Adamo told The Eagle that he believes he can connect to the people of the 6th District.
    Though he held office in Baltimore City, he pointed out that many areas of Dundalk are actually part of the city and were in his district he represented.

“I represented the city for 24 years, and that included areas in St. Helena, Eastwood and Graceland Park.
    “I would attend those [community association] meetings, and they were hard-working people,” D’Adamo said.
    “As director of community outreach for the Maryland Transportation Authority Police, I attended meetings in Turner Station, too.”
    Celestine “Babe” Grab-owski, president of the Graceland Park Improvement Association, said he has not decided if he is voting for D’Adamo, but described the former city councilman as a “decent guy” who often attended his community meetings.
    “If I asked him for some information, he was always there,” Grabowski said. “I can’t say anything bad about him. Sure, there were some people that didn’t like him, but I think he would do a good job [as a delegate].”
    D’Adamo said he attended Christmas festivities in Dundalk last year and was surprised by how many people came up to him and said they remembered him.
    Many of those people he said, remember him for his youth at his father’s store — Shocket’s Discount Store in Highlandtown.
     “I was surprised that people remembered me. Everybody knows me from Shocket’s. People always know my face. I should change my name to Nick Shocket,” he joked.
    D’Adamo left the City Council after he decided not to seek re-election in 2011. He said that 2011 was a rough year and he needed a break.
    “To me, it was time to go. I got a little burned out. I lost my parents and my sister in the same year. I didn’t have the fire in my belly anymore and decided not to run [in 2011],” he recalled.    “Two years later, I didn’t realize how much I missed it. I want to give it my best.”
    D’Adamo currently lives in an apartment in Middle River, which is in the 6th District, while his house in Millers Island is being built.    
    D’Adamo said he grew up on Millers Island and is looking forward to moving back to the area.
    As a House candidate, D’Adamo said that he wants to help bring jobs to the community and improve schools and public safety. He also said he opposes tax increases.
    “I guess [having a family business], I have looked at taxes from a business perspective. I would not want to pass on a tax that I do not want to pay.”