County unveils new online code complaint system
Wednesday, 19 March 2014 10:48

Users can file, track complaints on new website

by Nicole Rodman

    Baltimore County Code Enforcement has taken a leap into the digital age.
    Last Thursday, Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz officially launched a new online code enforcement system that allows county residents to file and track code complaints on the web.
    According to a press release issued by the county, the new system “offers residents unprecedented access to Code Enforcement case updates while streamlining administrative functions, enhancing the county’s efficiency and reducing costs.”
    “This field-based system means that our Code Enforcement inspectors can spend a lot more time out in the field inspecting and less time in the office doing paperwork,” Kamenetz explained. “Plus it offers community members instant access to track our enforcement efforts.”
    Using the new online system, residents will be able to submit complaints to Code Enforcement by visiting the Baltimore County website at

The website provides residents with information on common code complaints (such as rodent or insect infestations, uncut grass, abandoned vehicles or improperly stored trash) and allows residents to submit and track various types of complaints.
    To file a complaint, users must scroll down to the “File a Complaint Online” heading and click on the type of complaint they would like to submit.
    Types of complaints include constituent complaints (uncut grass, abandoned vehicles), building complaints, electrical complaints, grading complaints and plumbing and gasfitting complaints.
    Upon choosing a type of complaint, users are taken to a complaint form.
    Users must provide the location and a description of the complaint.
    Complaints can be filed anonymously. Users who provide e-mail addresses will be notified when their complaint is addressed.
    Once submitted, complaints automatically enter into the online Code Enforcement tracking system.
    Residents can check the status of a complaint by visiting www.
codecomplaint and clicking on “Check the Status” under the “Check Complaint Status” heading.
    Users can search for a complaint using a complaint case number, date range, address or street name.
    In addition to the new website, Code Enforcement inspectors have received tablet computers that will allow them to follow up on complaints, take photographs and generate correction notices.
    “This new field-based capability eliminates the need for inspectors to spend hours each day in the office doing paperwork and printing and filing hard copies of photos and reports,” the press release stated. “The county projects savings of about $75,000 per year in printing and paper supplies alone, more than offsetting the $18,400 cost for the inspectors’ [tablet computers].”
    In addition to the new online system, residents can still submit code enforcement complaints by sending a fax to 410-887-2824 or mailing a letter to Department of Permits, Approvals and Inspections, 111 W. Chesapeake Avenue, Room 213, Towson, MD 21204.
    For more information on the new online Code Enforcement complaint system, visit