Senate hopeful Salling holds rally on Holborn Road
Wednesday, 09 April 2014 11:43

Republicans to hold “meet and greet” in May

by Ben Boehl

    Although many people have called Republican Johnny Ray Salling a heavy underdog in the 6th District state Senate race against Del. John Olszewski Jr., that is not stopping the Colgate resident.         Salling held a “rally” at his brother’s Holborn Road home on Saturday.
    Salling was joined by Republican House of Delegates hopefuls Bob Long, Ric Metzgar and Roger Zajdel.
    With the first round of Planned Unit Development (PUD) meetings about to begin on the North Point Government Center property, Salling said he is focusing on how the government ignored the wishes of the people.

“The people are not being heard. We want to do it for the people,” Salling said.
    “We want to do it for the [6th] District. It’s not about John Salling. It’s about the people.”
    Zajdel echoed the sentiment that government has not been transparent with its people and he wants to go to Annapolis to pursue similar goals.
    “All of us love Maryland and we want the best for Maryland,” Zajdel said. “This may be our last chance to make a difference.”
    Metzgar noted that 2014 might be the local Republican Party’s best chance in the district, as there are two open seats and the district has voted increasingly Republican in recent elections.
    “It’s the greatest opportunity for [Republicans] in our district in a long time. We have the wind behind our sails,” Metzgar said.
    Long criticized current legislators in Annapolis and questioned why more is not being done to bring jobs into the district.
    “I’ve  been running  since 2010, and I haven’t stopped,” Long noted. “They are misinformed down in Annapolis. We need good paying jobs in this area and not a band-aid by raising the minimum wage.”
    After the rally, Metzgar announced that he will be holding a meet-and-greet for Republican candidates at the Del Capri on German Hill Road on Thursday, May 15, from 7 to 9 p.m.
    He said that all Republican candidates are invited to the event.    
    Metzgar held a similar event when he hosted a Republican Congressional debate in 2012 at the same site.