Lottery lightning strikes twice for Bear Creek couple
Wednesday, 16 April 2014 13:41

Fowlers scratch off  pair of big wins in a week

by Ben Boehl

    Lighting does not strike twice. Or if it does, it can not strike twice within a week. Can it?
    It did recently for one Bear Creek couple, as Dean and Shelly Fowler won $100,000 playing a Maryland Lottery “Winner’s Luck” scratch-off on March 22, and a week later, won another $10,000 on a “Club Casino” scratch-off on April 1.alt
    Appearing to have won a second scratch-off prize on April 1 might sound like a typical April Fool’s prank, but the Maryland Lottery verified that the couple had, in fact, won.
    “When we went down there, the woman said she recognized us. She couldn’t believe we were there again,” Shelly said.
    Shelly has been a state employee for the past 21 years, and Dean is the owner of Weather Seal Home Services, a roofing company.
    The couple said they were coming from a job in Abingdon and stopped off at a convenience store in White Marsh to purchase the winning scratch-off.
    Shelly told The Eagle that she never plays scratch-offs but decided to play on the couple’s anniversary.
    She decided to play again on March 29 and even questioned her decision, since she just won the previous weekend — and the odds of finding a winner twice seemed extremely low.
    “I was thinking, ‘Why am I playing again? There is no way I’m going to win again,’” Shelly said. “I think I was more shocked the second time.”
    Shelly, a Patapsco graduate, said the money was needed, as Dean was injured for an extended period of time.

She said the money helped with little things like buying a suit for their son.
    “We can buy him a suit for his prom and we paid off all our credit cards.”
    Shelly said she planned to buy more scratch-offs for the third straight Saturday on April 5, but later told The Eagle that her streak was over. 
    “But it was great while it lasted,” she said.