Russ Mirabile taking another shot at public office
Wednesday, 23 April 2014 12:07

Will contend with Olszewski for Senate nod

by Ben Boehl

    Russ Mirabile could be the personification of the old adage, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”
    Mirabile ran for the state Senate in 1994 and ran for the House of Delegates in 1998, 2002 and 2006.
    He ran for the House of Delegates in the 8th District as a petition candidate in 2010, but failed to get enough signatures to get on the ballot that year.
    This year, he thinks, will be different.
    “[People] should be glad that I’m running again. They should be happy because I’m here to make the Constitution work,” he said.
    Mirabile said he has received criticism from some members of the community who asked him where he has been the past few years.
    He responded that he was busy taking care of his sick mother, who died in 2011.
    Mirabile, who is originally from the Diamond Point area but now resides in Rosedale, is running for the 6th District state Senate seat left vacant by the retirement of longtime Sen. Norman Stone. He will face Del. John Olszewski Jr. in the Democratic primary on June 24.
    With two open seats in the House of Delegates and an open County Council seat, why did Mirabile choose a daunting race against the heavily-favored Olszewski?
    “I’ve ran for Senate before. I’ve been there, and I have a better idea of what is going on in places like [the Sparrows Point steel mill],” Mirabile responded.
    “I’m not going after John Olszewski’s seat. I’m going after an open seat.”

Mirabile attacked Olszewski for his votes in support of measures such as same-sex marriage, the federally-mandated stormwater fee known as the “rain tax” and the Fairness for All Marylanders Act of 2014, which is commonly known as the “bathroom bill.
    “I don’t think he would want his wife walking into a bathroom with a guy in there dressed up like a woman,” Mirabile said about Olszewski.
    Mirabile was also critical of Olszewski for being the only delegate in the district to vote for the decriminalization of marijuana. Mirabile believes easing marijuana restrictions will cause more problems.
    “This is the getaway drug to other drugs. Why didn’t someone contact Mike Gimbel (former head of the Baltimore County’s Office of Substance Abuse) and other drug counselors?” Mirabile asked.
    “It starts off with pot. We have enough potheads out there. We don’t need any more.”
    Mirabile points to the many local manufacturing jobs that have been lost over the eight years that Olszewski has been a delegate, and he levels the blame at the government of which Olszewski has been a part, saying that taxation in Maryland has caused those jobs to leave the state.
    “If you go to Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia you will find more jobs. Just go over the Pennsylvania line and you will see manufacturing jobs.”
    The Rosedale resident told The Eagle that he has experience and a plan to bring jobs to the area, but did not want to share his plan. Mirabile said he is worried that someone might steal his idea.
    “I have a game plan. I have the plan complete. I know what I’m going to do,” explained Mirabile. “I will present the module after I’m in office for six months.”
    Mirabile also said that he will look into the situation down at Fort Howard property and said he was against the controversial plan to sell the North Point Government Center property for private development.
    “You don’t need to sell government property. It is not eminent domain,” Mirabile noted. “There is no emergency to kick the police out of their building.”