Financial reports paint picture of close council race
Wednesday, 11 June 2014 12:10

DiCara has  largest current war chest

by Ben Boehl

    In what appears to be a tight contest, Democrats Ron Yeatman and Joseph DiCara lead the field in fundraising in the 7th District County Council race, according to the latest round of campaign finance reports filed with the state board of elections.   
    DiCara was able to raise nearly $28,000 since January. He had over 125 contributions  and all but five donations were under $1,000.
    His son, Tony DiCara,  said that the campaign has been reaching out to real people and not large businesses.
    “We are not getting large chunks of cash. Our cash is grass-roots [and]many of our contributions have been under $100,” the younger DiCara said.

The DiCara campaign has spent over $13,000 on campaign materials, advertising and other expenses, but DiCara still had almost $22,000 in the bank at the beginning of June.
    After reporting only about $1,000 in his January report, C.O. “Bud” Staigerwald. was able to rack up over $17,000 from ticket sales, contributions and $1,000 from the International Union of Operating Engineers. Staigerwald also took out a loan for $8,000.
    He has spent over $18,000 on the campaign and has a balance of over $6,600 in his most recent report.
    Ron Yeatman raised the most money among council candidates as he picked up over $32,000, mostly from contributions. Yeatman has also been spending money aggressively, reporting expenditures of over $25,000. He currently has around $12,000 in his campaign account.
    After raising only about $2,000 to kick off his campaign, Scott Holupka was subsequently able to raise over $6,700, including over 25 contributions under $100.
    Holupka said he is proud that he is not getting major backing from other politicians, political groups or large developers, but from community members.
    “I got my campaign going the way I think most candidates do it:  asking friends, family and people I’ve worked with in the community for their support, and in some cases I’ve also received support from friends of friends,” Holupka said.
    “I also expect [and] plan to use some of my own money during the final weeks of ads and mailings.”  
    Holupka has been spending that money; his report shows he has spent over $4,000 on campaign materials and has a current balance of $3,713.97.
    Brian Weir has quietly raised just under $8,000 in ticket purchases and contributions since entering the race at the filing deadline in late February.
    “[I’m] very proud the [contributions] are from the voters. I don’t want to owe anyone but them,” Weir said. “I have more support than the others think. It should be a interesting final few weeks.”
    Weir has spent over $5,000 and currently has over $3,500 in reserve.
    Although he doesn’t have a primary opponent, Republican Todd Crandell has been busy as well. Reports show that he has raised over $16,000 since January and has spent almost $8,000 on printing and campaign materials.