Money flows in both parties’ House primary races
Wednesday, 11 June 2014 12:14

Olszewski dominates fundraising in Senate contest

by Ben Boehl

    The latest round of campaign finance reports shows significant fundraising and spending in the highly competitive 6th District House of Delegates race, while Del. John Olszewski Jr. is financially outpacing both his Democratic primary opponent and the lone Republican in the Senate race.
    The most recent  reports were released on May 28, less than a month before the June 24 primary.

D’Adamo, “Our Team” lead Democrats
    Former Baltimore City Councilman Nick D’Adamo leads all House candidates with over $88,000 in the bank. The Democrat had over $100,000 remaining from previous campaigns in the city.
    His report showed that he had spent $28,000 on his House campaign, including $6,000 on media, $4,000 on printing and nearly $17,000 on direct mailing.
    D’Adamo said that the most important item to spend is time, and said that he has been going door-to-door over the past 40 days from 6 p.m. until dark.
    “I don’t have a lot of manpower, and I’m running by myself, but it has been going well,” D’Adamo said, “People are glad I’m in the race.”
    Ed Crizer, who is part of  the “Our Team” ticket led by Senate hopeful Olszewski, was shown with $17,000. However, Crizer’s ticketmates filed reports showing less cash on hand. Del. Mike Weir, who is seeking a fourth term in the House, reported $9,572,02. The third member of the “Our Team” House slate, Eric Washington reported just over $3,400 in his account.
    Washington received over $11,000 in contributions and transferred $10,000 to the Baltimore County Leadership Fund, a “slate” committee. Weir and Crizer also transferred $10,000 to the same fund.
    According to the records, Del. Olszewski and his father, outgoing County Councilman John Olszewski Sr., are listed as the only candidates on the slate. The slate was formed on March 7, 2013, well before Del. Olszewski announced his bid for the Senate and before Councilman Olszewski decided not to run for re-election.
    In addition to the Crizer, Washington and Weir transfers, the slate received a total of $3,200  from  union political action committees representing county firefighters, ironworkers and plumbers and steamfitters.
    The slate has approximately $25,000 in its account and had spent about $26,000 as of June 1. Over $14,000 went to buying media, including ads in The Dundalk Eagle.
    Former delegate Jake Mohorovic reported $13,804.69 in his account, including almost $9,000 in contributions. However, the report showed Mohorovic used his credit card 20 times to accumulate nearly $7,800 in his account. Mohorovic responded that he is allowed to contribute to his own campaign.
    “The report is in compliance with campaign election laws. Individuals can contribute to a candidate’s campaign. A candidate can contribute to their campaign,” Mohorovic said. “A candidate can make loans to their campaign.”        Anna Pearce was able to raise $11,820 from contributions and fundraisers, but spent over $9,300, including over $5,000 in fundraising expenses. Pearce entered June with $4,803.81.
    Among other significant Democratic candidates, Larry Harmel had a balance of  $3,024.11 and Rick Roberts had $2,563,92.

Long tops Republican field
    Bob Long reported a campaign war chest of over $10,000 — much of which came from over $6,600 in ticket sales — and has spent over $2,400 on campaign and printing materials. 
    “[We are] still raising money and we are spending very little so we can win the General,” Long said.
    Robin Grammer reported a balance of over $10,000 in January, spending over $3,400 on campaign materials such as signs since then.
    Grammer also raised $2,500 in contributions and ticket sales to give him a current balance of about $8,300.
    Ric Metzgar only reported $166.16 in his last filing, but records show that he was able to raise over $5,800 and spent nearly $4,500 on campaign materials and fundraising expenses. Metzgar also paid $500 on a radio ad. He is currently listed with over $1,500 in his account.
    Roger Zajdel had a reported $20,000 on hand after he took out a $21,000 loan. Zajdel has spent roughly $400 on campaign materials as well as a radio ad too.
    Mitch Toland reported just over $1,000 in contributions and spent around $200 on campaign materials to give him a balance of just over $700.
    Republicans Carl Magee and Dan Libertore each signed an affidavit of limited contributions and expenditures at the start of the race, in which they agreed to not spend or receive contributions totaling in excess of $1,000.
Olszewski dominates in state Senate race
    Del. Olszewski had a reported $126,927.81 in his account.
    Olszewski spent nearly $30,000 from January to June, with more than half going towards printing and campaign materials.
    His primary opponent Russ Mirabile had a zero balance. Mirabile’s report showed that he took out a loan of $5,138.54 and had spent all the money on campaign materials and over $4,600 worth of ads, including print advertising in The Eagle.
    Republican Senate candidate Johnny Ray Salling reported a balance of $131.73. Salling raised over $1,500 in contributions and has spent over $1,400 on campaign materials.