Work begins on War of 1812 mural near Battle Acre Park
Wednesday, 09 July 2014 13:51
 by Ben Boehl

    Most of the attention at Battle Acre Park has been on the ongoing renovations at the site, but there is a mural being created next to the historical site.
    The Dundalk Renaissance Corp. (DRC) and the Baltimore County War of 1812 Bicentennial Advisory Committee announced last year an agreement with the owner of the Charlesmont Shopping Center to place artwork on the side of a building facing the Battle Acre site.
    Amy Menzer, executive director of the DRC, said Marshall Adams was chosen as the muralist.
    “North Point’s important role in the War of 1812 is being commemorated with a mural overlooking Battle Acre Park. The county is renovating the park itself, with work well under way,” Menzer said.
    “Mural artist Marshall Adams was assisted by students from Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts and teacher Jessica Powell, with students helping with painting and priming.”
    William Feuer of the DRC explained that the mural will be divided into different sections. A large-scale portrait of Gen. John Stricker will be framed with a note explaining his role in the battle.
The left part of the wall will be a landscape of rural North Point, which would later become Dundalk.
    The rightward portion of the mural will be a detailed map of eastern and central Maryland — with a focus on North Point — explaining the British attack on land and sea.
    Feuer  added that the portrait of Gen. Robert Ross will be created with a short description of  his role in the battle and how his death affected the war.
    The central portion of the mural will feature the Maryland militia and their courage and perseverance against the British and how they were able to defend their homeland.
    “[It] will be a collage-style mural allowing for much detail and information,” Feuer  said.
    The mural is expected to be completed around the same time as the park renovations; both should be ready for the September Defenders Day event at Battle Acre.
    The 175th Infantry is scheduled to march from Patterson Park down to Battle Acre Park as part of the Star-Spangled Banner celebration on Sept. 11.
    “We’re excited about how this will all be coming together for this fall in conjunction with the Historical Society’s Defenders Day celebration and the state’s Star-Spangled Spectacular and are honored to have played a small part in the efforts so many other volunteers and organizations have made possible,” Menzer added.