Concerts in the Park returns with tributes to high schools
Wednesday, 09 July 2014 13:58
 by Ben Boehl

    The Independence Day festivities may be over, but there is plenty of summer fun left to be enjoyed in Dundalk.Concerts in the Park is back for its 24th year.
    Angel Ball, in her fourth year of organizing the concert program at Heritage Park, said the series is an event for the whole family.
    “I know folks enjoy listening to the great music,” Ball said. “Some come for every concert and others just come for the country or maybe for rock, but we give them a variety of music.”
 The six-week schedule of shows kicks off on Thursday with the country group Family Tradition. The next three weeks in July are designated to raise funds for local high schools.
    Impulse will play on July 17 for Dundalk High School. Rob Fahey and the Pieces will play to support Patapsco High School and Play on Words will perform for Sparrows Point High School.
    Ball said all the money collected those nights will go toward scholarships that will be given out next year. She pointed out there are many well-rounded students she wants to recognize, even if she can only raise a few hundred dollars in scholarship money to purchase books.
“I called each high school and wanted to give back to the school and have a special night,” Ball said. “[The school nights] are open to all members of the community, but the money goes to the schools.”
    The band Pet Rock, which plays a variety of music from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s, will take the stage on Aug. 7. The Townsmen and Touch of Class will end the 2014 series with a 16-piece concert on Aug. 14. The Townsmen will perform a tribute to the late John Zunt, who was a leading member of the band.
    Marvin L. Oed, a  member of Touch of Class and a friend of Zunt, recalled that Zunt and the Townsmen performed many times at Concerts in the Park in the past. Oed said he wanted a tribute to his friend and is pleased that Zunt’s old band will perform along with Touch of Class.
    “The concerts were booked for 2013.  Angel Ball was very receptive to what we intended to do and [she said she] would give us a date in 2014,” Ode said.  
    “Given the additional time, we decided that to combine Touch of Class with those we could find who played with John in The Townsmen would be appropriate.”
    All shows start at 6:30 p.m. The Concerts in the Park Facebook page at provides more information, such as cancellations because of weather issues.
    “These bands are performing for free and are donating their time to the community. We should come out and support them,” Ball said.