Restaurant Week spotlights fine dining in Baltimore County
Wednesday, 06 August 2014 12:40

Sparrows Point Country Club is only local participant

 by Nicole Rodman

    Budget-conscious fans of fine dining, rejoice — Baltimore County Restaurant Week is back.
    The “week” (which actually lasts 17 days) will be held from Friday, Aug. 8 through Sunday, Aug. 24.
    The goal of the event, held each year in January and August, is to spotlight the many dining options available in Baltimore County.
    As part of Restaurant Week, restaurants across the county will offer one-to-three-course lunch and dinner meals at special low prices.
    While Restaurant Week is open to eateries across the county, just one local establishment — the Sparrows Point Country Club — will be participating this season.

As general manager Paul Glomp explained last August, the country club participates in the event in order to “create awareness” of the club.
    “We’re trying to attract new members by showcasing our restaurant,”he said.
    During this season’s Restaurant Week, the Sparrows Point Country Club will offer three-course lunch selections for $25.14 and three-course dinners for $35.14.
    Each meal includes an appetizer, a salad and an entree.
    While Costas Inn has been involved with Restaurant Week for years, the well-known local restaurant will not participate in the event this summer.
    “We’re just so busy right now,” Costas chief operating officer Pete Triantafilos explained, noting, “If I did do Restaurant Week, it would be hard to handle the volume.”
    He does, however, plan to participate in the county’s winter Restaurant Week.
    Though Costas Inn is not participating, 64 restaurants across the county will be offering meal deals during this summer’s event.
    According to Marjorie Hampson, director of the Baltimore County Office of Tourism and Promotion, Baltimore County Restaurant Week began in 2010 with just 14 restaurants participating.
    The event is a joint effort between the Office of Tourism and Promotion and the Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce.
    Restaurants pay $150 (for Chamber of Commerce members) or $250 (for non-members) to participate in the event.
     “This is quite reasonable, since they get nearly $20,000 in advertising in return,” Hampson told The Eagle in January.  “I really don’t have to ‘beg’ any restaurants to join. Most realize that this is a tremendous deal and are quite happy and anxious to join.”
    That excitement, however, has not been seen among eateries on the county’s east side, including those in Dundalk.
    “Everyone gets invited,” Hampson said on Monday, adding, “I couldn’t tell you why they won’t join.”
    Despite low participation on the east  (and west) side of the county, this year’s Restaurant Week boasts 61 participating restaurants.
    “This is the biggest one we’ve ever had,” she said of the event.
    For more on Baltimore County Restaurant Week, including a list of participating restaurants, visit www.